Sunday, June 24, 2012

Waiting SUX!

Yeah this waiting is taking a toll on me. To start with we thought we were a week or two away from our court date to now findong out that our dossier was just now submitted. (we thought this was submitted on the 26th of may). So to make a long story short we are one month behind schedule than we thought we were. Also things have now just slowed down almost to a standstill these last few months in our region in Congo. So we thouht we would be holding our son in our arms in October but now we are hoping for November and in the back of my mind i keep thinking please please at least have my son here for Christmas. This all just sux! We have two different photos of him from the same day that are almost a year old. So many others have so much more information and updates /photos of their child than what we do. Yes i am complaining yes i am feeling sorry for our situation right now as i am in a slump! I know! It could be worse! And while i sit here and complain in my 4000 sq ft air conditioned house while drinking my coffee a little boy across the world waits. Waits in an orphange with no running water or electricity and no family to call his own. Yet i am feeling sorry for myself. Ugh. Since we have started this adoption i have heard of at least 4 families who have lost their child to malnutrition, malaria, or unknown while just months away from bringing them home. These are families i know of. I know there are countless more who i do not. That is why i so badly want him home. That is why i almost feel guilty for only adopting one child. That is why i feel those people who have been called to adopt and havent should. If God has put adoption on your heart there is a reason he has. I read somewhere that of all the Christians in the world like 30% have said they want to adopt but only 1% have actually done it. Also if every Christian in the world would open their life to adopting an orphan it would end the orphan crisis. All of these children would have a family. Adoption is not for everyone but i feel it is for many more familys than what are doing it. I have heard from many families that if there were a child who they knew needed a family they would adopt them in a heartbeat. Let me tell u there are children all over needing a family. They are not going to land on your doorstep. They need you to advocate for them. They cant do it without you. I obviously went off subject a little in this post but i have a heavy heart right now!