Sunday, January 6, 2013

Should I be packing?!

Ok so I just wrote an entire blog post, went to spell check and somehow deleted the whole thing!!!  GRRR!  This may be shorter than I had planned!
We are ONE PIECE OF PAPER away from hopping on the plane!  We are so close!  If you could say a prayer for our son to get his visa in the next week, preferably the next day or two we would appreciate it!  I'm not sure how much I plan on posting about our travel on this blog but I do have a private FB page that I plan on updating a little more.  So if you would like to follow our adventure to picking up our sweet son please send me a note!  Otherwise, I will post here once back! 
This journey has been HARD!  Emotionally draining.  I don't do so good with not having control and in adoption you have NO CONTROL over 90% of the process.  So its funny because I have this misperception that things are going to get back to normal once J is home.  Once he is home we can relax, the stress of the unknown is behind us.   My kids can have their Mommy's attention back, my husband can get his wife back.  Ill be back to cooking and cleaning regularly.  Ill start working out regularly like I did before we started this adoption.   Maybe I can even ditch my "happy pills!"  We will all finally be together and everything will be peachy.....right?  I can hope???  Ha Ha!  I have been warned many times that the first year is a very difficult year but I guess we will soon find out! 
No matter what lies ahead I am so excited to bring our son home.  To see him and give him a hug and kiss for the first time.  After all I have been staring at his sweet face since MARCH!  I cant wait to bring him home and introduce him to our three children waiting to greet their new brother.  Our youngest Cash is so excited!  He has been the one asking the most about when will we bring his brother home!  I cant wait for that moment when Cash finally gets to give his brother a high five!  I cant wait for J to meet the rest of our family, friends, and church.  To watch him enjoy and maybe not enjoy all of his "firsts!"  So much to look forward to, I just want to enjoy the thought of it all right now, even if it may not be quite what I expect.