Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's time for number 4!

Ok, so after 7 years of hearing me randomly talk about adoption Jeff and I are starting the process!  He has made me keep quiet about it until we knew for sure and was even going to make me wait until we had a referral (photo of our child).  However, for anyone that really knows me knows that I have a little, ok a lot, of problems keeping exciting news from friends and family, sometimes even complete strangers:)  Each time I found out I was pregnant I was immediately sharing the wonderful news so this is no different!!  I have to say other than feeling sick that is how I feel.....pregnant.  I'm so overcome with excitement and joy knowing we have a child out there who is meant to be in our family and I can't wait to meet him/her and get him home! 
So here are the details we have so far!  We are adopting from Congo.  If you are not familiar with Congo google it.  It is heartbreaking and we are positive now that that is where our child is.  The average wait time for Congo is 7-10 months. Not bad but we have to be ready to expect anything and I know it's going to be so hard once we see his face to not immediately want him here.  We have been accepted by the agency and are officially on the waiting list.  We will be starting our home study as soon as all of the background checks etc. are in.   This is totally out of our control so pray that goes smooth and quickly.  We put on our application that we would prefer a boy 18months to 4.  We have our reasons and theories as to why we feel a boy is right for our family but really that all depends on what God has in mind! 
So right now we are just preparing our hearts and preparing our finances.  International adoption is an emotional roller coaster so I've heard from everyone who has experienced it.  Even if it all goes smoothly, which is highly unlikely, it is still hard.  So please pray for us, for our child that we can soon call our own, and all the orphans that so desperately and deservingly need a family to call their own.  Also, as most of you know I sell lia sophia jewelry.  Well now I have a new motivation:)  To earn money for this adoption!  So if anyone would like to do a party for me and receive lots of FREE jewelry for yourself I would LOVE to get you on the books!  ALL proceeds from my parties from now until we get our little guy will go straight to a savings account to help with the costs.
Thank you for reading and hopefully soon we will be able to post a picture of our newest family member!

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