Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We have a referal!!!

It is official!  We have a referal of a 20 month old little boy!  He is as cute as can be and we can't wait to bring him home!  It is so exciting to see his pictures and know that we now have a face, a face of a precious child who will soon be embraced in the arms of Jeff and I and who will soon be running around our house with Avery Bayley and Cash!  It is so amazing to watch God's plan unfold! 

I had so much more I wanted to say in this post, however, it is getting late and really I just wanted to share our exciting news for now:~) Haley


  1. I can see Madagascar!

  2. So exciting! Praising the Lord for your great news! So looking forward to following your journey to bring your son home :)

    1. Ashley im not sure if u got my message. Are you using a love beyond borders too? Thanx!

  3. Hey Haley! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'd love to connect too. My email is mitchandamber at yahoo dot com. Just delete this comment if you can after you get my email address...don't want to get spammers! :)

  4. We are a love beyond borders family too! He is so adorable! I saw his pic on the group site. What a blessing!!