Saturday, December 8, 2012

inching closer.....

We are coming little one, we promise....

I get asked all the time whats taking so long!  Ugh, I know, it's frustrating.  I wish adoption didn't take so long or cost so much, but the fact is it just does.  It's a long process with a big price tag.  Lots of court fees, lawyer fees, the agency you pay to work on your case, flights, medicals, child care.   The list goes on.   Now when we had our 3 children naturally the medical bill was enormous as well, but we were able to pay it off over time. Adoption does not give you that option.  I feel so so blessed to be financially able to adopt, I really do.  But it stinks that there are so many families who would be great families for these children but don't feel they are able to financially.  I want to encourage everyone to not let money stop you from doing something you feel called to do.  The money will come.  It will.  There are also many loans and grants out there for adoptive families.  And God just has a way of providing what you need!

Ok, I had no intention on talking about money in this post:)  I really just wanted to update everyone on where we are at.  So Last week we got our i600 approval which is a HUGE step in the final process.  So not only is he our son in Congo, the US recognizes him as our son now too.  Whew, cuz I really didn't want to have to live in    Congo(-:  Seriously one thing I have learned through this process is just when you celebrate finishing one huge step, there is another step waiting right around the corner.  Its one thing after another.  Lots and lots of ups and downs.  I am happy to say that in a process of about 50 steps though we are now down to the last 2.  Up next is our embassy date.  OH wait, I mean up next is waiting to hear "when" our embassy date will be.  then once we have that date, we can get the visas.  This could all happen in a matter of 2 weeks.  We could be on a plane in two weeks holding our sweet boy.  BUT.....EVERYTHING IS CLOSED!  Yeah, not too excited about that but what can we do.  It's looking like we are going to have to wait for our little man a little longer.  Once things open back up the first of the year we will be on our way to baby J!!  I cant wait to hold him in my arms.  What an amazing day that will be.....


  1. What a great message for families who want to adopt but feel they can't. Love always finds a way. You are getting so close, can't wait to finally see little man in your arms!

  2. Why not pray for a miracle? Friday the 21st you go to the embassy, Saturday the 22nd you're on a plane... I know that might sound crazy but I heard about this one chick in the Bible who had a baby in her 80's. And there were these three guys who survived an attempt to burn them alive. Another dude should have been eaten by lions but he walked away without a scratch. And Jesus was able to raise people from the dead! Seems a lot more realistic now, doesn't it? :) Praying for you!!!